We use the Internet in our everyday lives, at home, at school and at work. But, have you ever stopped to think about what the Internet actually is?

For this Webquest, you will be finding out about the Internet and hopefully by the time you have finished, you should have a better understanding of some of the terms associated with this topic.


Use the Internet to help you answer the following questions. Write them down in an email with subject «Webquest» and send them to tecnologia1sds@gmail.com

  1. What is the Internet?
  2.  When was the Internet first created?
  3. Which country was responsible for the idea of the Internet? hint try ‘simple history of the internet’
  4. What is an ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  5. Find out who was the first ISP
  6. Explain what is a domain name
  7. What is an IP address?
  8. What is your IP address? (hint type ‘my’ instead of ‘your’)
  9. Explain what a firewall is and why it is necessary.
  10. What does FTP stand for?
Webquest – The Internet

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